cassiemt (cassiemt) wrote,

school's out forever

great weekend before school starts back, basically at least. last night i went to see v for vendetta with my besty little friends carynie, bentley, and quintie. it was a fabulous movie- i highly recommend it!! then me and caryn just chilled and went to kinko's and walgreens and some large black man gave us a rap cd that he produced which is actually surprisingly very good!! stayed the night with zachary. cleaned yucky (his fishy). then he watched me eat pizza rolls. twas fun. today me and cali and mom went to chip's place and watched the game. go memphis!!!! then we walked around downtown and got stARbucks and stuff like that. came home tired and watched mi favorite shows!!! about to take a shower because i'm dirty and then i will probably go to sleepy!
hopefully my wishes will come true from the penny fountain today and
1. i will not have to go to school tomorrow
2. i will be a ballerina
3. my mom will get a llama
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