cassiemt (cassiemt) wrote,

need a break

memphis won- happy cassie. on the fence about new york trip rooming situation- want to avoid irrational people. some boys are way too clingy!!! everything in godspell is getting more and more screwed up and its stupid. want to do a summer show but cant find one that ends before i leave town. tomorrow is jenna's b-day party. gotta make an allen tee. the woman who promised me that francesca's job just randomly changed her mind after she told me i was hired already and all i needed was to bring in my social security card- stupid hoe. today's my mom's bday. chip is fabulous. they are happy. i am happy. tired. dont even know why im still up. i have to work a lot this weekend- it sucks. need to see zachary. we never talk anymore. i miss it.
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