cassiemt (cassiemt) wrote,


why am i completely discluded from a group of people just beacuse one of them doesnt like me?
why does my so called best friend put me on the back burner?
thank God I have zach right now because if i didn't i would have no one
he never ditches me and he always stands up for me
thank God I have more class than that:
nothing more. a lot less.
karma sucks.
you'll get yours, soon enough.
i could wait forever.

Oh i didnt forget you Carynie. She is marvelous. always there. always stands up for me. fabulous. love you.

IT DOESNT MATTER THOUGH! because I, Cassie Thompson, am a wonderful creation. and there's nothing cocky about that. it's just true. God made me beautiful and talented and smart and i am ever grateful to him. there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

*Gotta go get ready to go out with my besty friend tonite!!!
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