cassiemt (cassiemt) wrote,

I choose me bristles with pride yes siree

company was really really confusing. but the good thing is that me and quinten sang everyone of our show choir songs on the way home substitutuing just about every word with the word "bristles" which waS a blast!!! and we went to wendy's where there was a huge nasty ceiling leak. i just realized that i lost my work schedule so i dont know if i work tomorrow or not and its too late to call and ask. thats not good. can't wait for school to be out. cant wait to go to california and on vacation with carynie. no motivation to do school. junioritis. need to go to sleep. need to think of the perfect birthday present for caryn- help!!! well ill think of something i suppose. too many random thoughts. really need sleep. lovely weekend i'd say. thanks bye.
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