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ask your girlfriend

well my life is slowly and surely coming to an end. my audition yesterday sucked. i have no love interest (at least not one that i am ready to reveal). i get to spend who knows how long (hopefully it will end soon) on the back burner now bc of some stupid girl so that's refreshing. i had to go to the dentist this morning and all i could think about was how mad i am about everything and how every relationship in my life is falling apart slowly but surely right down to my very best friends. i havent started my summer reading. i am determined to lose 20 lbs. before school starts by any means necessary (and yes, i mean that). then i will be happy and maybe somebody by some miracle will be attracted to me and maybe then my girl friends will like me because ill be cute and little. thats the plan. i hope it works. i have to work tonight, that will suck bc i will have nothing to do but sit around and think about my problems. then when i get off work i will have nothing to do bc my best friend will more than likely be too busy making out with his nasty girlfriend to spend time with me. i hate this. i know how this is going to be. i am not an idiot. i will no longer be able to call and hang out with him on a whim like i usually do bc he is busy, and i can't be myself anymore bc someone might get mad/jealous/who knows and everyone will be hanging out and she will be there so i wont go, therefore i will spend a lot of time home alone, singing and eating (which is not good for my weightloss plan) while they frollick and go out with their best friend mothers and who knows what else. gag me. i am on the edge.
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