cassiemt (cassiemt) wrote,

not going anywhere

Last night= Caris's birthday. i love that female soo much. i made her a fabulous postal service allen tee. today...voice, carwash, sara+ ariel time, josh's birthday???? yesterday he texted me and asked me to come, strange i know and i cant go by myself his friends dont like me since we broke up, maybe caryn will go. its better than staying home while "my friends" leave me out again. then i have to help Caleb make campaign posters sometime. I am excited about auditions on Tuesday, mr. greer is putting a little pressure on me but i think i can handle it. , hopefully. i emailed clark last night to update him and let him know the time is not long now until we can talk and be friends. i finally thought i got rid of immature girls causing drama but it is endless. i even called and fixed things but she still talks about me everywhere she goes. oh by the way i recorded the convo on my phone so she cant say i said something that i didnt- im so smart!! oh well
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