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Carpe Cassie

Yo I'm cassie t. 5'7" little blonde hair, green eyes, terribly pale skin. I am a singing actress who dances. I do tons of shows around town or in school so check me out one day. I go to Houston High. Junior Class Prez. Show choir. Thespian Society. I draw awesome dinosaurs named Allen and Hank and I also paint them on tees currently. 2 brothers: Caleb, he is extremely smart, and Colt, he is extremely knowledgable about basketball and football-its scary (Lalum and LLoyd according to me). 1 sister: Cali Baer (yes that is her real name, sadly)she sings and acts like me. Mom: Paige, pretty and awefully skinny. Dad: don't know where he is currently, he doesn't call anymore. Live out of my car. Work at swoozie's. Stays busy.
80s music and showtunes, acting, crying, dancing for fun, desperate housewives, earstrechaphobia, grey's anatomy, marty casey covers, neopolitan ice cream, singing