cassiemt (cassiemt) wrote,

interplanet cassie

the end is near. i will soon be a senior. i feel like i've waited forever. next year is going to be so much fun! but i will miss this year and all my friends graduating and having new show choir girls won't be the same....
But anyways i am having an anxiety attack today because i find out today or tomorrow(hopefully today or ill jump) if i made SHR or not. i mean sure i had a fabulous audition AND callback but I'm still so worried and i don't know why. i never get this worried!!! weird. today i have to go to work and corporate will be there- no fun!!!! well my oh my i'm bored. but i am so close to reaching my goal of being on Dr. Bob's top 10 list, i've been working so hard!!! i am currently plotting to reveal some kind of super secret disguised in some form of a gesture out of curiosity and intrigue....don't ask, all will be year?...who knows.....
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